Dev Blog 1
Here is early development on a flying sim-game as a quick proof of concept. To get ideas.
Please excuse the total disrespect of safety procedures in this video.

Third Person view, with scroll zoom.
First person view.
75% of controller

In the future.
I plan to make many player variables public.
Controller, weather systems, wind, speed, etc.
Full UI on or off.

Things in the pipeline.
Infinite unique terrains and diverse biomes
GUI_Scoring pickup system. Semi implemented
Biome Portals
Variable gravity systems
Particles baby
Photography and video recorder
Time of day system
Freefly camera
Gravitational forces
Collision Damage System
Fire Water Bomber
MP racing
FPV controller

Things I cannot do.
Hook a DJI controller to the game. Wish I could.
Give you a drone.
Fix your drone.
Find you a girlfriend

This is early days on this here project…so ya know.