Taylor Moore “The DroneAholic”

DroneTopolis is lead by the photographer, filmmaker and Droneaholic Taylor Moore. Taylor has many years of experience filming and photographing from a variety of aerial platforms.  From hanging from the strut of a 1943 Piper Cub, to spiraling up the CN tower in a Bell Ranger, to piloting a drone over ancient medieval castles.

“Many of the locations I fly over are extremely challenging, and have many risks. I created DroneTopolis to allow pilots to get in unlimited hours of practice flight, pre-visualization and to navigate through complex terrain and obstacles. Thereby diminishing the risk and safety factor exponentially and greatly improving hand-eye muscle memory, and visual acuity at speed.”

Taylor Moore is an Ex-ElectronicArts senior digital artist and worked on FIFA and NHL, and Squaresoft Final  Fantasy 7 and Parasite Eve. His photography has been showcased in Architectural Digest, and various international media campaigns. www.taylormoorephoto.com

James Dubec “Man of Vision”

James was a believer, and earned his wings in the trenches of Commercial Film Production. With the great success of his production company AGFilms James wanted to spread his wings into the lofty world of Game Development.

Carolina “The Pixel Pusher”

No matter whatever task is thrown at her, Carolina will pixelate it. In a good way. She has been a force to reckon with,  but always with a smile. She is greatly appreciated, and has the wisdom of a tree, tho she does not look like one.